Sandal Holidays – where do you wear ‘em?

Are you a socks and sandals kind of guy or gal? Or do you prefer to wear ‘em without socks? Even though we’re a little prejudiced against the sock wearer, we’ll still welcome them to our site, which is all about wearing sandals on holiday. And why shouldn’t you?

Holidays and Sandals

Sandals & holidays, aye!

Wearing sandals whilst on your vacation is just a small thing, but as a British person, it’s a constant reminder that you probably aren’t in the UK any more – which is good – or at the very least it’s a sunny day in your home country. Is that possible? Possibly.

Sandals give you a sense that ‘everything is alright’ – a sensation you really want when you’re on holiday. While in summertime Britain you might get away with wearing sandals (not this summer unfortunately), you will probably get away with it better I a country like Greece, Spain or Italy – or indeed anywhere except Britain.

So let’s go through a list of the major holiday sandal designs you might want to consider this summer:

  • The Roman style sandal.
  • While it was worn by men in the Roman Empire, today it suit ladies a little bit more. In fact, many people find it a rather sexy selection and ideal for making one feel relaxed and attractive whilst on vacation.

  • Crocs style
  • You don’t have to be a crocodile to wear this sandal, but it helps. These are the opposite of the Roman sandal, offering about as much sexual charisma as a stuffed crocodile head in the Natural History Museum. But they do offer good grip, and if you’re not of a mind to attract a lover, then this is a good choice.

  • Flip Flop
  • Okay, this isn’t exactly a sandal, but we know you’ll be attracted to its simplicity; just flip ‘em on and flop ‘em off. Cheap, cheerful, and ideal for a hot sandy beach in Spain, Italy or Greece. Or even the UK!

    Sandals & holidays!

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